Psychology & Doula services to support you through pregnancy,

birth and the first years of your child’s life


Woman with postnatal depression (PND) before counselling psychotherapy

Counselling Services

We recognise individuals present with a varied and complex array of issues related to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Our counselling and psychological therapies are designed to help you find workable solutions so you can start making the most of everyday.

Birth Doula Support

It is an honour and a privilege to support a woman and her partner through the birth of their child. Our emotional and practical supports begin during pregnancy and continues throughout your labour and into your early weeks as a parent.

happy mother after counselling


We  are committed to providing awareness of perinatal issues within the community. Here you will find articles written by us on pregnancy, birth and the challenges faced in early motherhood. You can also find links to other services committed to helping families during this period in their lives..




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