Let me start by saying how sorry I am that you have found yourself needing to look into how I can support you through such a confusing, overwhelming and devastating time. Finding out your baby is unlikely to survive, has already passed away, or even finding yourself needing to make the decision to not continue further in your pregnancy is a heartbreaking place for any pregnant woman to be.

BUT whilst this is not how you envisaged your pregnancy ending, I am able to help you navigate these next few steps in your journey, and come beside you to help you make a lifetime worth of memories in the short amount of time you have left with your baby.

I know how real this baby is to you, how you have imagined watching them take their first step, teaching them to ride a bike, walking them down the aisle. Your baby is not just a foetus or miscarriage or thing you need to ‘get over’. Life may feel very surreal to you at the moment but the love and hopes you have had for baby are too precious to be ignored or pushed aside. In all this heartbreak I want you to know that I know your baby was important to you and that your world is currently falling apart.

The way I can support you varies greatly depending on whether you are making a choice to end your pregnancy at a particular time or whether you have just heard the shocking news that your baby has passed away and you will now be birthing your little one in the coming days.


Support Options

Whilst my support packages are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances some of the ways you may like me to support you could include:

  • Discussing with you your options for birthing your baby, what to expect during the birth, explaining how your baby may look and feel and what will happen after your baby is born.
  • Identifying how you would like to be supported during your labour and birth experience and being with you during your labour and as you bring your baby into the world.
  • Supporting you as you meet your baby and get to know him or her in the short time you will have together. Some women choose not to meet their babies so this is entirely your decision, I will support you in what ever choice you make.
  • Helping you to feel you have some control over this experience and that even though this is not what you wanted you can still include some elements of the dreams you had for this baby into these moments.
  • Supporting you as you begin the task of farewelling your baby and making plans for his or her funeral, communicating with your family and friends and connecting you with longer term support services who will be able to support you as you re-enter your life as the mother of an angel.


My pregnancy loss doula fees are comparable to the fees I set for my general doula clients. As your needs will vary from another mother also experiencing the loss of her baby I can not generalize a price. Please contact me to discuss the support you require and I can arrange an individualized package for you.