What happens during counselling?

What to expect from a first session

If this is the first time you have seen a psychologist you may be feeling a little anxious, confused or overwhelmed by what to expect during an appointment. Your first session is time for you to explain your concerns and for you to learn about the therapy process. Counselling is a collaborative process in which both you and your psychologist will work together to help you find ways to resolve and move past your concerns. A psychologist is also equipped to teach you new ways of thinking and interacting with others. You and your psychologist will work together to create a plan outlining the skills that may be beneficial for you.

Length of Session

Sessions go for 50 minutes.

How many sessions will I require?

As every person is unique so will be the length of time they require counselling. Some clients may feel one session has met their needs however it is more common for individuals to attend several sessions. The aim is for you to learn new skills and ways of thinking which you can apply to varied life situations without the need for long term therapy.

How often will sessions be scheduled?

This will depend on your needs. When exploring new issues and learning new skills you may find you benefit from weekly sessions. Alternatively as therapy progresses sessions may be scheduled fortnightly, monthly or even as a check in several months later allowing you to make sure you’re keeping on track.

Can my children be present?

Yes, of course! However, as counselling can be emotionally and mentally challenging you may find having your child/ren present will distract you from fully engaging in the session. It is also useful to be mindful of what you plan to discuss during an appointment and consider if this would be suitable for your child to hear (especially if you have older children). You know your child/ren the best so we will work with what you can provide – even if it means walking with you around the block trying to settle a screaming baby.


We understand on occasion our clients may need to reschedule their appointments. If we are notified with more than 48 hours notice no cancellation fee will apply. Unfortunately, if the appointment needs to be cancelled with less than 48 hours notice a cancellation fee of 50% of our standard fee will apply.